Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I locked myself in the garbage room!

Cirnelle's blog was talking about locking herself in her apartment, and so coincidently I got myself locked in the garbage room today!

Well, I seldom go to the garbage room bcos the apartment has a hole for us to throw stuff, directly linking to the rubbish bin in the garbage room. I went today to do some recycling. The room is located in the ground floor and one needs to have a key to enter.

So, I went in finished the recycling thing, by the time I want to go out, the room was locked! I tried like 15 minutes to open it, but to no success. I had no choice but to bang on the door for like 10 minutes. Only then a guy came out and open it for me. And he showed me the way to open the door. I swear, I did it like how he showed but couldn't open it. He must think that I'm stupid.

I always find the lock system in France different from what I know, they can turn in different directions and before you take the key out it has to turn back to a direction.

I will bring my cellphone with me next time in case I couldn't open it again.


  1. It never fails to amaze me how lives everywhere have the same events happening to them.

    Next time, grab and brick and shove it where the door is, to keep it open. I doubt you'd want the door to the garbage room to close when you're inside next time. Hehehehe!

  2. I locked myself in a bathroom before (in Texas) at a real estate agent's office. That silly door knob had a weird contraption on it. Luckily my husband came to the back of that office to check on me (because I took a little longer than usual to use the bathroom). Maybe the office was haunted! haha