Thursday, July 26, 2007

You want a big "bite" or a medium "bite"?

In France there are many slangs/street languages/expressions that even some (usually older generation) won't understand. So it makes it very tricky in certain situation if a word is used and you don't understand what could be the second meaning.

This word "bite", means a stone tube that allows a boat to park by tiding a rope to it, or it could mean "dick" in street language. In the dialog below, try to interpret "bite" as "dick".

Guy: Hello, is this the florist?
Woman: Yes
Guy: Ok, I'm calling from the town hall, we have problem with the parking in front of your shop.
Woman: What problem?
Guy: You know people park illegally, so we decided to put some "bite" there.
Woman: To put what?
Guy: Some "bite", you know something that comes in a tube shape...
Woman: ah ok...
Guy: Ok, so I will put some "bite" for you. How many "bite" do you want me to put?
Woman: but don't ask me!
Guy: What?
Woman: You know I'm a woman I know nothing about this.
Guy: Excuse me, but every woman knows what is a "bite".
Woman: But... ok...what is the distance you want to put?
Guy: About 2 meters.
Woman: Ah ok, you should have told me this. 2 is enough then.
Guy: Ok let me look at the map. I will put one "bite" in front of you and one behind you. Will this pleases you?
Woman: It's perfect.
Guy: Ok, I'm going to put one "bite" in front: who comes in and comes out. This "bite" could come in and also come out from you.
Woman: Oh try to put it in the corner, you know sometimes I can't get out.
Guy: Don't worry, it's the "bite" that will come out from you. They are good "bite". You know it's for your own good.
Guy: So I put one behind also?
Woman: But... I don't know...
Guy: You know when it comes to two "bite" you need to react fast. I will put it at your end.
Woman: o...k....
Guy: Oh we haven't talked about the size. Big or medium?
Woman: bahhh...I don't know...
Guy: A big "bite" in front of you and a medium one behind you, or a medium one in front and a big one behind...?
Woman: You put this for everyone here?
Guy: Yes.
Woman: err, let me think... the big one should be ok.
Guy: I put which one for you?
Woman: The big one.
Guy: I put the big "bite" for you?
Woman: That would be nice.
Guy: And the one behind?
Woman: Make it the same size then.
Guy: Ok two big "bite" in front and behind you. You know what is funny, the women in this area all wanted the big "bite".
Woman: Ah you know women like big "bite".

Note: I added this photo so that you can understand the parking "bite"the guy is talking about. It's a stick that comes in and out.(29/7/07)

For the complete version of this dialog in French, go here:


  1. I'm still trying to get over the whole association of "bite" and "dick" used in the same sentence in the English language. =p

  2. BeeEan,
    The last comment from the woman is really funny... "All women like big "bite".. HAHAHA!

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  4. Anonymous8:59 AM

    This crack me! If this happened in real huh

  5. cirnelle,

    Yes, maybe I should just replace all the "bite" by "dick"...

    cat cat,
    Yes, she's probably understand at the end of the hiding meaning haha

    No this is just a joke I heard on the radio. You know they always have people calling around to make joke especially with the older generation. The channel is called "Rire et chansons"

  6. hehe - that's a funny one!