Sunday, July 29, 2007

From bachelor party to hospital

Well, you can't have good endings in everything.

We were extremely luckily to have nice weather for our bachelor party. The guys went for their activities and me and the girls headed to visit an island. During the night we met in a friend's house for BBQ. All were well planned and everybody had fun. He was extremely happy and excited and I had great conversations the whole day and night.

The cute houses we saw on the island.

His costume of the day

Then thing turned south when he fell from a hill, when trying to bury the coffin. Yeah in France the bachelor party is called "l'enterrement de vie garçon"= funeral of the bachelor life, so the coffin symbolizes the end of it.

He broke his arm and is lying in the hospital now. The big question right now is: Should we inform his parents who are having vacation like 12 hours road trip away? They are supposed to be back in a week and we really don't want to spoil their vacation.


  1. BeeEan,

    Sorry to hear about the bad news. Hope Fabien will recover soon.

    I personally would call his parents and let them know about the accident. Tell them it's not very serious but need a couple of days in the hospital.

    Also let them know Fabien will be fine with good care from you and not to worry about him and enjoy the vacation.

    That way, his parents won't blame you or Fabien if anything goes wrong. Also, it has alot to do with trust down the road between you and your in-laws.

    Take good care of your hubby.

  2. Hi Bee

    Sorry to hear that Fabien broke his arm.

    It is only right you tell his parents but as Cat Cat says, you assure them it is nothing serious. They need not worry.

    Wishing Fabien a speedy recovery and you hang in there. :)

  3. *Still trying to recover from hysterical laughter*

    Did you guys have to explain his dress to the hospital staff?

  4. Anonymous9:28 AM

    OMG! Poor guy! Hope he's doing ok. At least it was just a broken arm and nothing more serious!

    But it is a little bit funny as Cirnelle pointed out...did he go to hospital in his dress??
    Hope he gets better soon!

  5. I still haven't called my in laws bcos I don't know how serious the broken arm is plus Fabien still think it's best not to tell them. He might not be able to work for months, and would not be able to go with us for the trip with my family.

    Yes he was with his costume when he was sent to the hospital. The nurses knew that he was having his bachelor party. When I saw the nurses, I had feeling that it's normal for them. Yes, people got hurt after a party especially a crazy one like bachelor night.

  6. Oh no! He'll miss the trip? And you have a herd of 10 all over Europe?

    By the way... didn't mean to laugh without wishing you guys well. It was just so funny, now I'm imagining how you guys get him out of that dress with an arm cast... okay, okay.. stop this wild imagining. Hope Fabien gets better quickly. This is also hoping his fourth ring finger is not affected.

  7. Anonymous11:34 AM

    He might not be able to work?? he must have really broken his arm badly! How high was the hill where he was?

  8. Oh no, that's awful! I hope it doesn't turn out to be serious - and I don't think you need to call his parents. A broken arm isn't that big of a deal (relatively speaking of course), so there's no reason to alarm them.

  9. So sorry to hear that. I hope he will recover in time for the wedding. :-)

  10. ops I made a mistake. I asked him today and he actually changed before going out to bury the coffin. So don't worry he was not with that costume at the he was sent to the hospital. That would be really funny though. :-)