Thursday, July 19, 2007

The languages joke

colourmecrazy gave me an inspiration about the languages joke between the inter-racial couples.

As for me, hubby speaks better English, and of course French is his mother tongue, so most of the time is him who laugh at my accent and mistakes.

Here's one occasion. In France, there are many drinking songs, people sing while drinking:

XXX (name of the person)
tu nous délaisses (you are not paying attention to us)
ça fait longtemps qu'on les a pas vu (it has been a long time we didn't see them)
allez XXX montre nous tes fesses (let show us your buttocks)
allez XXX montre nous ton cul (let show us your butt)

At this point the person they sing to will have to show them his butt!

Hubby and his friends were singing this song in Malaysia, and accidentally my mother saw the scene: a guy was dropping his pants!!! My mother came to me and say:"Your friend is mabuk (drunk in Malay), he is dropping his pants!!"

As for me, I always couldn't pronounce the "cul" (butt) correctly, so once I said:"montre nous tes couilles" (show us your balls), so embarrassing!!


  1. So, did they do it? Did they drop their pants and showed you what you sang for?! Did they?! Hahahaha!

  2. No he didn't. He wasn't too drunk that day hahaha. He was going to show his butt but I ran away before he could do that.

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHA... what a boo boo... ok, he didnt show his balls... luckily for u...

  4. Haha, very funny story indeed :)

  5. Heheheh - that's funny!! Yeah, lucky for you he didn't show you his couilles - not pretty! heheheheh!