Sunday, July 15, 2007

Am I crazy?

I don't know whether I'm crazy but this is what I have planned for my family when they come in August. As some of you know, coming to Europe is very expensive from Malaysia, so I want them to get as much out as possible. Right now 1€ = RM4.75, and that really hurt!!!

Day 1: Arrive late in Paris
Day 2-4: Paris
Day 5-9: Brittany (my in laws' place)
Day 10-11: Loire Atlantic (our place)
Day 12: Lyon, France (flight)
Day 13-15: Rome, Italy (flight)
Day 15- 17: Milan, Italy (flight)
Day 17 - 19: Geneva, Switzerland (Train)
Day 19-20: Bordeaux, France (flight)
Day 21: Back to Nantes (flight to our place)
Day 22: Preparation for the wedding (in laws)
Day 23 - 24: Wedding
Day 25: Back to Malaysia during the night

We are traveling as a group of 10. Age range:

Senior (55-67): 3
Adult (27-40): 4
Children (8-11): 3

So do you think I'm crazy? Any traveling tips or advises for a group of people that are so spread in age?


  1. I don't think you are so much crazy as you are ambitious, Bee. That is quite a number of places you're planning for 10 people in a span of one month.

    My experience won't really help. I was stuck in an airport for two whole days, which almost screwed up the last leg of my travel plan, so, I suppose lightning shouldn't strike twice in the same continent.

    As for tips, I was going to say, take it easy... but from the looks of your timetable, its not catered for relaxation. I gather its more for "see all you can while you're here".

  2. Anonymous4:09 PM

    You should plan a day for a good leisure and rest. Don't be too ambitious especially if you have small kids and older people. Sometimes they just want to enjoy the trip leisurely and not rushing from one place to another.

  3. from milan to geneva... is it a midnight train... i've been in one... it's quite horrible and you will not be able to sleep... i had to do it then cos i was a student.

  4. cirnelle,
    I hope the French and Italian won't have strike at that time.

    We will have more relax trips in our regions. Once we start the 10 days France-Italy-Geneva trips, it will be crazy, but we can always slow down if we want. In fact, my parents are used to those crazy organized trips.

    It's not a night train. I'm planning to take the Italian CIS in the evening for 3 hours 45 minutes so that we can see the scenery.

  5. Hi Bee, I never travel in such a big group & of different age group, but your post reminded me of my Europe Tour :) Good luck & take it easy :)

  6. For the older and younger members in your group, remember, jet lag is a killer! It takes several days to adjust to the time difference.

  7. Wow.. tight schedule but I can understand why you figured it that way. They want to see as much as they can.

    Be prepared for eventualities. Have back up plans in case your group gets delayed anywhere.

    I wish you all the best. :)

  8. Wow - you really did some organising there! You've been really busy! Hmm...I agree with JT - have a back up plan just in case the trains or planes go on strike. Otherwise, have fun and bring barocca ;-)

  9. beelee,

    Welcome to my blog. Yeah, it's not easy to travel with this big group, but I'm excited to travel with my family so far away from Malaysia.

    They will have 10 days to recuperate with slow trips before getting to the crazy one.

    j.t. & colourmecrazy,
    Yes I will try to think of contingency plan. Pray for us that nothing bad happen during this period.