Monday, July 30, 2007


When I arrived in the hospital this afternoon, Fabien told me that he can go home tomorrow. Phew! What a relief! Anyway, he has to stay home for 2 weeks.

Since we know more about the situation, we decided to call the in laws. They were concerned of course, but I'm glad that they stay cool.

Many people called and asked about his situation. Then the usual question: You must have been scared!

My answer? No. Actually I stay very calm. Because? I have expected this. I don't know how many times when he was away in a drinking party, I dream of his friends bringing him home unconscious. I have expected the worst.

Don't ask me why I didn't try to stop him from drinking. It's a long story.


  1. Stop a French from drinking? That'll be like trying to stop a wave from hitting a seashore. It takes Moses.

  2. It was his bachelor party - I don't think you should've tried to stop him from drinking on it!

    On every other night I agree with you though - when Fab goes out with his friends, I know they drink and drive. And we live on the main road to the hospital, so every time an ambulance goes by at night, I'm always wondering if it's him.

    Oh, the curse of having an over-active imagination!! *S*

  3. Anonymous9:16 AM

    I'm glad he's ok and that he can go home soon! And yeah, Sam is right, you wouldn't really have been able to stop him drinking for his bachelor party.

  4. Don't I didn't mean stopping for the bachelor night, but overall he drinks more than his friends. For his bachelor night I told him to do whatever he wanted, but not include to break his arm though.

  5. Anonymous1:57 PM

    Hi Bee, I bummed into your blog from somewhere. My hubby used to drink a lot and most of the time he will get hurt and I came to find out years later he was an alcoholic. He had to rely on booze to function. He is now dry for 3 years.

  6. Hi dawn,

    Thanks for visiting.

    I won't consider him as an alcoholic as he only drink when there is a gathering. He doesn't drink everyday. If we have no party for 3 months, he doesn't need it for 3 months. But when he has buddies with him, he can drink like hell.

  7. last year mon B brisé tulang rangka and stayed home for 6 months.. insurance pay for the salary.