Friday, July 13, 2007

Married name maiden name

I'm in the mist of arranging trips for my family and I really don't need this bad news now.

The travel agent in Malaysia miss spell my mother's name, so her reservation is now Tee (her married name instead of Lee (her maiden name). There is no way to change it so we have to rebook her a ticket. And the price difference is RM950 (around 200 euros).

I called the airlines in Paris and the reservation department said there should be no problem as there is only one letter difference. She said she has put a remark on the reservation.

But my travel agent in KL called the same airlines in KL, and they said they need my mother to sign a letter stating that if anything happens, like she couldn't check in, the airlines bear no responsibility. Appearantly this has happened before that someone with one letter mistake couldn't check in to his/her flight.

So who is going to pay this RM950? I don't think it's fare for my mother to pay for it? I almost tempted to do nothing as the woman I talked to sound very confident that this is just a small mistake. But I certainly don't want my mother to stuck in the airport missing her daughter's wedding! Anyone has experience to share?


  1. No way! You're kidding! Charge for misspelling? That's crazy, consumer-abusing practice! I suggest you (or someone local lah, otherwise, your phone bill will substitute the ticket's price) call the airline directly instead of getting the opportunistic travel agent to call. I'm sure the airline won't mind.

  2. Anonymous3:25 PM

    You have to consider at the check-in point too where we have to show out ticket and passport to the airport authority. They are not airline staff so there might be a problem too. And also Immigration Officer.

    If the travel agent misspelled your mom's name, it's their fault and I don't think it's fair for you to pay the rebook ticket.

  3. wait, 1 time masa me beli ticket ke India, travel agent wrong tulis mon nom... but this guy just call the airport or i dont and after 1 hour i got my new ticket with new name, free of charge...

  4. 200EUR just to fix a little spelling mistake!! what a pain! I haven't experienced the same thing so unfortunately don't have any words of advice.
    Can you claim on travel insurance?

  5. Anonymous4:49 PM

    Why they can't change the name? I just don't get it. Since it was the travel agent mistake, they should pay for the so called re-booking fees.

  6. It was a discount fare and they just changed the policy that no changes can be made. My friend (the travel agent) thought that she can change easily. Even though I told her the mistake as soon as she emailed the booking, it was too late.

    Anyway, I sent an email to Emirates Paris and they fixed this problem. Emirates KL was not flexible enough.