Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Vacuum cleaning....the ear

Everybody knows about vacuum cleaning, but do you know about vacuuming the ear?

I did it just now. So scary.

Like I wrote in the previous post, my ear was blocked. The general doctor cleaned it but couldn't clean the inner ear so she sent me for the specialist.

The specialist used a vacuum pipe and I can hear stuffs being sucked out. At the beginning it was weird, but I had the courage to hold on. But she said the ear wax was stuck at the very deep in to the canal, so she put the pipe a bit inside, then it started to hurt. I felt scared with the pain and asked her to stop.

Anyway, she was very professional and stop immediately and keep apologizing once I complaint of the pain. It's so unlike the treatment I got in the Malaysian public hospital. Once a nurse took out the IV tube from me and blood was dripping until the bed sheet, and I was the one to be scold!

Back to the French doctor. I asked her about this blocking problem, and she said it happens to a lot of Asian. She didn't know about any scientific explanations, but she herself think that the Asian has dryer skin thus causing more discharge inside the ears.

Sigh*, more work now since the ear wax is not totally cleaned, have to put drops day and night. Anyway I paid 49 euros where 70% will be reimbursed by the government medical care and the rest if not all covered by the insurance.


  1. Is it an Asian thing? Gosh! I didn't know that. I know that certain people tend to have dry ear wax while some have well... waxy ear wax. Apparently (this according to my mom-in-law), those with waxy ear wax naturally also have arm pit smell problem. Okay, getting a bit eeky, my comment there.

    Anyways, yes, I have been to a doctor to suck out some stubborn ear wax before. After that, felt like bionic woman with super-human hearing...

  2. I'm not sure about the arm pit smell problem. My hubby said I don't have the smell but evidently I have waxy ear wax. I thought only those with waxy ear wax will have this blocking problem.

    Yes in Malaysia it was easy, just have the warm water cleaning and it was done. But this time the wax was a lot more stubborn, need vacuum cleaning haha

  3. i have waxy ear too. my fiance has to clean them for me on a regular basis. i am glad i dont have to visit the doctor so far. anyway, how do u know when u need to visit the doc for it?

  4. When one ear is blocked, you notice that you don't hear as clearly as the other that is not blocked. Or when the ear has tinnitus that borders you.

  5. Anonymous6:37 AM

    Yeah, I know the feeling. Nurses and Doctors in Japan will apologize to patient when they are going insert a needle and apologize again when they take it out. Sometimes, I feel they are too polite. But it is better than when you are sick and still get scolding from doctors or nurses back in Malaysia :P

  6. Nurses in Malaysia are scary. Went for a blood donation....the nurse who was attending me that time ....she's a trainee. =_=

    She 'cucuk' the needle in...and suddenly her face turned pale and started lookin around for help from her senior. :|

    What a pleasant experience for a first time blood donor.

  7. ops the doctor meant that she knows more Asian with this problem than other races. Imaging there is only like 2% Asian here but 20% of her patients are Asian.


    Yes at this moment I have to appreciate the good medical services here. Doctors and nurses here are experience and they calm you down.

    Did she faint? Were you scared? Yes I donated blood several time in Malaysia and I was always scared that they will make mistake.

  8. Anonymous1:38 PM

    Urgghh, the procedure that you had doesn't sound pleasant. Hmm...I've never really noticed whether my ears are waxy or not!