Friday, July 06, 2007

When you get all these surprises...

We are in the in-laws place this weekend for a wedding. We just got an email from our internet provider that the line is up! I hope we will have no technical problem to get the connection this Sunday when we get home.

Anyway, after two years living in this romantic country, I still get surprises from time to time. Such as:

- Our landlord from the old apartment charged us 400++ euros because the charges from the apartment complex is more than what we paid to him. I was so angry when I heard this, as I didn't know that the charges we paid every month is only "an estimation" and we need to pay the differences at the end of the stay. I went to an association called ADIL who defends the right of tenants, and the woman told me that it's totally legal what the landlord did and "it is the way in France". Yes, people can rent an apartment over 5 years and at the end the landlord gives you a bomb to pay!!!

- I went to a library in town center at 2pm just to realize that they only open from 3pm to 7pm because it's SUMMER! The library only open 4 hours a day and it's closed on Sunday and Monday. So you thought everybody goes on vacation so no need to go to library. But at 3pm there were so many people in the library and they have only one person in charge of book check out... and when you need to return the book, you need to go during that 4 hours. I'm so spoil by the US system, renew online or just pass by the library at anytime to return books.

Luckily my in-laws place have lots of lovely flowers and fruits for me to pick that leads to a wonderful summer day. And I renewed my residence card without much problem. So I'm still alive after all these surprises.


  1. Anonymous8:30 PM

    So happy that your internet connection is back up and good for you...standing up for yourself in another country and consulting the right channels.

    I've learning that what's "normal" in France is really just that - normal in France and to the French...only.

  2. Hey, nice to see that you're back on line! And that you got your residence card renewed with no hassles! And yeah, the landlord thing can be tricky. We were lucky and had good landlords so far!

  3. Kawan,
    Go check my blog. I just dedicated a post for you :)-
    Miss you.

  4. Open 4 hours a day? Gosh! I want to be a French librarian.

  5. Anonymous5:38 AM

    I heard the French people really know how to enjoy their lives. that is why they can live longer :D

  6. Mlle smith,
    You are right, the French always tell me that it's the way it is and I should just get over it.

    Our landlord was nice until he gave us a bomb at the end of the lease.

    Thanks for the dedication. I miss your post too, I will try to catch up.

    Yes, they are indeed lucky to work little and have so much vacation. No wonder each time the government try to ask them to work more, they will have demonstration. hehe

    I discussed this with some French, and they told me that the fact they live longer is bcos they have supernice medical care. They visit doctor regularly since it's almost free.

  7. Glad to see you are back on line.

    One thing that gets to me is that stores here are closed on Sundays. That is one day that I like to window shop, which I used to do in the States. Some small towns are basically dead by Saturday afternoon. Everyone's at home... sleeping, I suppose. :)

    At times like these, I wished I could be back in the States. Too spoilt, as you said it.

  8. Bee Ean, those kind of surprises we can do without!

  9. j.t.

    Same here, on Sunday you should just stay at home. Nothing is happening.

    Well said, I will avoid all these if I can.