Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Conversation class

In our conversation class today, we discussed for like 30 minutes before the teacher can start doing what she wanted for the day.

It was all started bcos a new student comes from Turkey then everybody starts talking about Turkey should be in Europe and it then led to the sensitive topic: Islam. The conversation continued about how in Turkey woman is free to wear what they want.

The classmate from Iran then described about the situation in Iran. He said that the young Iranians these days are very modern and the government couldn't control them bcos they are using internet to communicate and have since discovered many things. I threw him two facts: Women in Iran need approval from their husband when they want to travel or move around; in the case of divorce, children will follow their father (the facts that I learnt from the book "Never without my daughter"). Another classmate through him the ultimate question: After exposing to occidental culture, what is your stand on this issue?

He started his long speech and we got to hear the history of Iran. He said 30 years ago Iran has a lot of discos and tourists, and it was due to some oil price issue that the Islamic fanatics took over the country and since then the status of the women changed. Conclusion, he blamed everything on the politic and he declared that Iran will never have the knowledge and intelligence to produce nuclear power so the whole world don't have to be afraid of them.

Sitting beside him, is my fellow American classmate. I couldn't help but wonder, should one day the US decides to invade Iran, would these two still be friend?

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