Thursday, May 10, 2007

In the future world

I read two novels recently about the world in the future.

In the first novel, human gave up the tedious cooking, and they get all the necessary vitamins through a kind of paste like from the toothpaste. Desserts like chocolate were extincted.

In the second novel, guys can get pregnant, so a man was telling his wife that he wants to stay at home and bear a child by himself. Since man doesn't have womb, he needs to stay at home to suffer the process of injecting the hormones and grow the womb inside his body. His wife's rection to the request was first rejecting then accepting.

My gosh, how can we give up the delicious foods and replace them by paste? There's no way.
Then, it will be weird that guys stay at home waiting to deliver a baby while the wifey is working to support the whole family. I certainly request equality in terms of working salaries between man and woman, but I think man and woman have their own roles in a family environment.

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  1. No chocolate in the future world? I couldn't survive!