Thursday, May 03, 2007

Since it's free

I have to praise the medical system here. Under the careful treatment of a doctor, my hand is recovering well. I procrastinated the treatment until a week after the accident, as I didn't think it is a big deal. I still have the Malaysian mentality in terms of seeing a doctor, go only when it's really serious. Well, since it's free and people around keep telling me about the risk of tetanus, I went to see a doctor. The doctor actually injected the tetanus vaccin, in which I don't know whether I had taken in Malaysia. Now I'm given a small card to record all the vaccin I have taken. The doctor is very professional and friendly, she knows that I don't understand all these medical terms so she patiently explained them to me one by one. Yeah, more vaccination to take to catch up with the French. :-)

On the other hand, I was told by an optician that I can replace my glasses for free. I'm hesitating so much as my current one is still in good condition. Brief, I don't need a new pair of glasses. But it's free he claimed. At this time the Malaysian mentality still overtake the French one. No wasting eventhough it's free. But give me a couple of years, I will think like the French. Scary.


  1. Are you sure it's free? Because unless you have an excellent mutuelle, it usually costs at least 200-300€! La sécu usually will only reimburse you for about 50-70€, depending on how bad your eyes are, and then the rest is up to you or your mutuelle to pay. Fab's last pair cost 350€, and mine cost about 200€, and we didn't even get the really fancy kinds.

  2. My brother in laws is the optician and he told me that my mutuel will cover everything. He keeps pushing me to take one since it's free.

  3. What happened to you BE ?
    Why do u think tetanus shot ?
    Yes, it is very important to seek medical help early.
    For us woman especially, make sure we have breast exam yrly, papsmear test, blood test etc... It can mean death and alive with detect early or late.
    Many of my patients who detected their cancer colon earlier live for another 30-35yrs...
    Take good care of yrself.

  4. Jamy,

    I cut my hand while picking the lily of the valley.