Friday, May 11, 2007

La poste

I was in the post office this afternoon, and an odd thing happened.

I used the weight machine initially, but it didn't want to accept my card when I pay.

So, I queued for a while, the odd thing was, the letter was charged 1,57 euros by the machine, but with the teller it was 2,11 euros. I posted 3 letters the same weight so the difference was 1,68 euros!! I asked the teller why the machine was charging me cheaper, and she said the machine made a mistake.

Later I realised that the machine didn't accept my card payment bcos it has to exceed 10 euros to pay by credit card. I will make sure I bring enough coins next time since the machine costs cheaper!!!

Another thing, my in-laws sent a bunch of photos to my parents in Malaysia, after two months it has still not arrived. Weird thing was that they sent to my sisters as well and they have received it. Gosh, I hate when letter lost and you don't know who actually have it. I wish those wedding photos won't be stolen and be used in any bad way.

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