Thursday, May 17, 2007

Sexist remarks uttered in Parliament Malaysia

Please click on the diagram below to see the sexist remarks uttered in parliament Malaysia from 1995.

The latest comment created a controversy in Malaysia as during a debate in the parliament about the leaking ceiling in one of the buildings, one member of the parliaments responded that:"Where is the leak, the representative from Batu Gajah leaks every month too!" Since the representative he refers to is a woman, immediately it was interpreted as a sexist remark and insult.

I'm not sure whether this has/will happened in France or any other developed countries, but certainly the quality of the parlimental debate has to be improved. Notice that all of these comments were made by the Malays representatives? Is it bcos there are less seats hold by the other races or the Malay men are still insensitive enough towards women?

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  1. that's the way it is here in the country you once lived in... seriously, are you glad that you're away?

  2. Anonymous7:38 PM

    Just like Bee Ean, I'm a M'sian in France. It's truly dissapointed thing but still I guess I'm not thankful for away from the country, but hope things changed better. You will always find flaws in everywhere you goes.

  3. Just like Natasha said there is no one perfect country, at least for me. I left Malaysia to follow my love one, not being disappointed about my belove country. I do not mind to go back if my husband wants to follow me. I'm sad that there are so many talents going away from Malaysia.

  4. Do u guys really feel that u have roots in Malaysia ? If anyone feel having a root in Malaysia, I think I should have more reasons to feel so.

    I am from mixed parentage; my paternal grandparents are local natives from Sarawak. The Malays are foreigners, they took away our lands.

    My maternal roots are from China, direct lines from Imperial Peking.
    I love my homeland, Sarawak; but I have always felt sad about our joining of the federation.

    My mom hates living in Malaysia, my dad loves Malaysia. My mom often talked abt if only.... her parents had choose Singapore or US to settle during the revolution, she believe it will be better off for the future generations.

    I have never felt having a root in anywhere ! I don't think I felt part of Australia life, neither did I feel part of Malaysia life when I returned home. But, now that I am married, I do feel a strong sense of belonging here. I am not sure if it is my traditional thinking or knowing that it is a land that is founded on Christian value.

    If I have not married a foreigner, I do not think I will ever immigrate. I have stayed in Aust for 15yrs but I have always wanted to go back to Malaysia. In the mid 80's, many Malaysian students wanted to get Aust PR but I have never thought abt it.

    Short term wise at that time, Aust was good; good job, good salary etc... But, if u sit down and think abt all the impacts and consequences of immigration, we are talking abt the rewrite of history.

    I have never thought :" I am glad that I am away."; and I would not say my child would be better here. I have seen so many of my close relatives who have migrated, yes, their children might have opp. such as education etc.., but what are the things they have lost ? culture , etc...

  5. Yes Jamy,

    I would not say that I'm glad to be away. In fact, I feel that I miss out a lot of things, like friends' weddings, gathering, see my parents grow old, celebrate CNY...

    I think you just run around and there are always new sets of problems waiting in another country.