Saturday, May 19, 2007

La trocante

One thing that my husband is afraid of me is when I go to the second hand furniture shop. Yeah he knows I won't come home empty handed! I found a nice shop in Rennes that led to us buying our dining table. And yesterday we found us 4 chairs.

See they match totally with our table. Even our teddy bear said it was a good deal. Hey 49 euros for 4 wooden chairs, not bad at all, plus they look new!!! Go in any shops and you will get this one for 49 euros EACH, totally new. One thing my friend reminded me is that it's wood so people's asses can get hurt. Opps all these years I sit on wooden chairs in school my asses were all ok. hehe. Ok ok will buy some chair cushions.

We discovered these 2 bedside small table for 35 euros. Good deal I will say.

Our last bought was this baby.

The French have their own taste of old furniture, especially those with wood sculpture on it.

This table was sold for 200 euros, in damn good condition. Suitable to put inside a big house or a castle as it's expendable and it comes with 6 chairs.

Aghh I don't know why people like this but it was sold for like 300 euros eventhough it was old and broken somewhere.

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  1. Wow, congratulations on the great finds!!