Friday, May 04, 2007

Who will be the first lady

Between Cécilia Sarkozy and François Hollande (a guy), who will be the first lady of the republic of France? This is in the front page of Yahoo news today.

The French (or the world) certainly are not getting used to a woman president, so they keep making fun of the spouse of these women. I think it is a huge insult for François Hollande, himself holding a high position in his party, to be called "first lady".

I feel that in the spouses issue, the US politicians and the French politicians have a totally different opinion. I remember during the presidential election in 2004, George Bush's family was always with him during the election, showing a happy family picture. But in France, except that Français Hollande himself a politician, I didn't see Cécilia too much, not even their children. Like Sarkozy said:"You are voting for a candidate, not a family."

Ségolène, have 4 children but have not married with her partner, will certainly create a scene for the medias if she was to be the candidate in US. The fact that she's not married but living with a man and having children, will certainly not getting support for those conservative Americans who emphasis on traditional family values.

On the other hand, Cécelia Sarkozy has said that she is not eager to be the first lady, as she prefers to wear in jeans and do whatever she likes. Will she be forced to change her personality to play the first lady role if her husband is elected?

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