Sunday, May 20, 2007

Express your opinion

Walked in downtown Nantes and I saw this in Place de Royale.

It reminded me of this, took in Boston in 2003.

So far I have not seen this kind of thing in Malaysia, maybe I was just not sensitive enough. Yes the western world has a lot of freedom to express themselve, but one thing is they are selfish don't you think? They are using the public space to do what they want. Saw a report on TV that SNCF has to spend million a year to clean up those street drawing on the trains. During a party in US, my American friends were hitting George Bush's picture so hard that I thought he must have done something to this lady who was hitting him. In the freedom of expression I didn't know that we can ignore the respect to the public properties or a simple respect to the leader.

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  1. Freedom can be taken in the wrong way :)-.