Thursday, May 24, 2007

Second chance

I watched in the Chinese channel a movie that touched me so much.

Two elderies met in a park and they fell in love. Both of them have lost their spouse years ago and they were happy to found their second love.

However, the old lady's son was totally against it bcos in the Asian culture this is an issue of "losing face", how are they going to explain to all the relatives and neighbores about this shameful old lady loving an old guy, blah blah blah. So the son went to scold the old man and strongly against his mother to ever see him again.

But, the man was really in love with the old lady. He waited everyday in the park. This has impressed the old lady so they decided that if she can come meet him, she will call at 4.30pm, 3 rings and hang up and they man will come meet her.

On the second day, she rings, he never showed up. One week passed and the old lady was still trying. The old man's son came to tell her that his father was involved in an accident, now he's paralysed, but every day at 4.30pm he will wait for the rings and cry after.

The movie ended when the old lady come to visit the man with his favorate food. They both cry.

In terms of love the western culture is always more open minded. I have seen so many old couples in France living together after their spouses die, and their children will even meet together to celebrate Christmas. The society does not displease with what they are doing. Nobody is badmouthing about them. Love is not a shame afterall.

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