Monday, May 14, 2007

Two visits

This morning I had two visits for the apartment as we are moving out next month. The first was a couple and they didn't express much their thought about this apartment.

The second took some times to jot down some criterias, commenting that his wife will not like those ancient wallpapers and blue carpet. It seems that he will renovate the apartment. But, he's renting and he wants to renovate a rental apartment? Weird. Anyway, he left as soon as he realised that we are using electric for the stoves and he couldn't find any connections for gas. He said a gas stove is better for cooking.

What's the matter for these people? We had problem finding an apartment using electrical stove and have no choice to settle on buying one that is using gas. While these people finding electric unbearable.


  1. I think it's because the price of electricity is so high. That's also why most people prefer apartments with gas chauffage, and not electric.

  2. Why do you prefer cooking on electrical stoves? I prefer gas...hehe - I've actually burnt rice on an electrical stove because I've forgotten to take the pot off even though I've turned off the "burner"!

  3. I actually think that gas is more expensive. My friend uses gas and not only her electricity bill is higher than our, she has to pay an extra bill: the gas. In the apartment we are moving to, we have to pay 60 euros extra in the charge plus having a new gas bill.

    I don't have preference just that I learnt cooking using electrical stove in US. Yes colourmecrazy the only thing I cook in Malaysia was instant noodle hehe.