Friday, May 25, 2007

The worst tourists

There is a survey conducted by expedia UK asking opinions from the hotel industries in the whole Europe, and the result was that:

The best tourists:
1. The Japanese - due to their politeness and cleanliness
2. The Americans - pay good tips
3. The Swiss - quietness

The worst tourists:
1. The Indians
3. The Chinese
5. The British

They didn't state why the French was chosen as one of the worst tourists, but I guess it's bcos they complaint all the times!! :-)


  1. Probably because they rarely leave tips too!

  2. I think in terms of tips the Americans have advantage bcos they grow up paying tips. And for certain job the base salary is very low and people rely on tips. But in Europe they have already charged services fee, so it's not in the mindset to give tips.

  3. It is very important to note though that this survey was conducted in Europe and for the hotel industry only.
    I believe that hoteliers will definitly prefer money, tidyness, quietness. Moreover, they will only judge tourists that can afford to pay for hotels (which, depending on the country they come from, could mean very rich people).

    I would love to see such a survey conducted in the whole world and polling people at random in the streets, I think then that people's opinions would be based on respect, cultural exchange. Money would not come first and I doubt the results would be similar.