Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Fear of driving

Eventhough I drive in Malaysia and US, I have no courage to drive in Nantes because:

- I don't know when there will be a roundabout ahead, so I can't drive assuming it's a straight road
- I'm afraid of driving on the tramway line or driving beside a tramway
- I'm afraid of driving on a tiny road sharing with big buses, bicycles and then a row of parking on the side
- Afraid of double roundabout
- Afraid of priority to the right
- The road is usually not straight, it has a lot of road barriers on the side that I don't want to bump into
- Not getting used to adjusting the gear so many times to pass through roundabout

On the other hand, I like driving on the highway, bcos it's the time I'm sure it's a straight road so I can drive the speed I want, and there's no bicycles, tramways running beside me. Besides, the road is broad, no barrier everyway.

I have to salut the French who can read the sigh board, the instructions on the roadline, and traffic light at the same time and predict what's going on ahead.


  1. I didn't like driving in Paris either - too many crazy drivers. However outside of Paris, the drivers seemed a little more relaxed. And yep, the priority to the right thing throws me out as well! I find it difficult to see when it's priority to the right.

  2. Wow BE, u like driving on the HWY ? I have never driven any HWY :), scare :). Dh is my amat :)-.
    Yes, when I was in Paris, I thought to myself, these people are really good drivers.

  3. Jamy,

    The first day I arrived in US, I already driving on the highway, first time driving on the right side with a rental car. I love driving on highway as you just go straight and that's it. I have not the same courage I have with driving in France.

  4. Wow, 1st day ? U drive in K.L a lot ?

    I have never driven in K.L. I am a bit scare to drive in HWY.

    I keep telling my husband that I will learn to drive HWY on Sunday when we go to church cos it is less busy and the place we go to is only like 4exits from our home. But, still I have never done it.

    Jessie, my friend in W.Virginia is very good in driving HWY.
    She just graduated last yr, found a job in D.C, she drove from home (a small town in W.Virgina on the mountain) to DC every week. 3 mths ago, she moved to a new job, in Pittsburg, PA. She drove from W.V to PA every wkend. Further more she drove to airport a lot cos a lot of her assignments are out of state, eg Boston etc...

    I really admire u girls who can drive so well. I think I am turning into a 'sau ku' now, living in a small city, depending on husband to drive me here and there. Wonder where is my independent spirit who used to be a world traveler ?

  5. Jamy,

    No I have never driven inside KL, but the highway around. I usually park my car someway and take LRT to go inside the city. But I drove a lot in Klang. I started driving since I was 17. Anyway at this point I have fear to drive.