Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Work accident

There is another case here proving how inefficient the adminitrative is here.

I had a work accident in April, I thought it was not a bit deal so didn't do anything to it.

Until I saw my doctor, she advised me to report this work accident so that next time if I have any problem related to this accident, the CPAM (the French medical reimbursement) will be wiling to pay. So I called up my employer and she agreed to send me something.

That something never came, but I received a letter from an agency who deals with work accident, and she requested my livret de famille (family book) to proceed with this report. I sent it.

Today I received another letter from the same woman, asking me for another document: medical certificate.

Why can't she ask from the first letter? Just include everything she needs and I will give her everything at once. Does she have to verify that I'm really married to a French guy then only she can proceed to the next step?

I don't know what medical certificate she wants, as the doctor gave me some document but she told me to send them to CPAM, not to this agency.


  1. this is getting ridiculous... suddenly, i feel malaysia is just any other country. gosh!

  2. I personally find the government admin. here very efficient.

    2 of such dept I deal with which I am very impress are their immigration depart and their internal inland revenue. (compare to Malaysia, of course, not other country).

    I got my naturalization process send to me within 3 wks I posted my documents. And I was particularly impressed when I have to apply American passport for my 3 yrs old son. I went to the net, print out the form , went to a local post office, they took the pics for him (very reasonable price) and I request for fast service, extra of some $, they send my son passport to me within 5days. But, to renew my Malaysian passport, it is another long story.

    I am impressed with the IRS (internal revenue service), they even send me notice that I forgot to fill in my child support tax return, ie to say I forget to claim him in our tax return. Do u think that will ever happen in Malaysia ? IRS tell u that u get some $ back from them ?

    I think a lot to do with pay. Federal employees here are paid very well, plus excellent bonus incentives etc...

    We used to think Chinese is the most hard working people (oversea Chinese like our grandparents and parents) but that is not so when China was under the communist regime 20yrs back. Many of my elder relatives went back to China to visit their relatives, they were so shocked that the Chinese there were so lazy, they don't have any incentives to work hard. They told me the rice they ate in the restaurant were so hard, u can even knock a dog down with those hard rice. And they found a lot of employees doing their own things when they should be serving customer, eg knitting or doing 'siew hua'. They thought it was unthinkable !!!

    I am not surprised with the system in French cos I have been to a no. of socialists countries in the early 90's, man, their services were bad ! And u don't want to go to the grocery stores, there were hardly any choices of food.

    I am a true blue capitalist and I think a incentive kind of system really provide a better system.

    Just my 2cents from my yrs of experience.

  3. According to my husband the French civil servants are just lazy. They try to turn you away as much as they can by saying that you don't have this you don't have that, so that they don't need to do the work for you. Since it's a long life employment, that they will not be sacked, they don't have to care about their job performance.

    Jamy, they are very well paid, full retirement and discount here and there to go for vacations. They need to pass a very competitive examinations, and after that they have their golden rice bowl.