Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Please wish me good luck!

Back to the tax return problem.

I went to the tax office yesterday, and she won't let me fill the 2005 tax bcos in my carte de séjour I entered France in Aug, thus not fulfilling the 183 days requirement of staying in France. In fact I came in Jun but as a tourist, so she asked me to prove it.

I came back this afternoon with my passport, but the woman was busy so I was handled by another woman, who happily accepted my form without any questions.

Now, the tax return is submitted, but who knows if they are going to give me pain again? I need this tax return badly. If I don't have it my bank will cancel the mortgage loan, and we will have to negotiate another one with higher interest rate and longer term of paying back. Yes we are talking about thousands of euros here.

I secretly counted my stay in France in 2005, and if I count the 4 days in January I was here for the Christmas holiday, it makes 183 days. Talking about luck.


  1. Oh, wow, good luck, I hope everything works out for you!

    And that's crazy that she wanted proof! When I filed mine for 2003 for my bourse, they didn't say anything about that. And good thing too because I was only there from Sept-Dec that year, so only 120 days and not 183!!

  2. I must have caught them at the wrong time as it's the busy filing season. I'm real scared now bcos most likely my declaration will be handled in the first center who had rejected my request. My husband is being punished bcos he has a foreign wife, as for applying for the zero rate loan it HAS to have the avis d'impôt for everybody who lives in that apartment. I didn't contribute a cent to the financing but bcos I live there and don't have this avis d'impôt I'm going to screw him up. Sad.

  3. i am still very amazed at such thing happening in european countries...

  4. Good luck! I'm crossing my fingers and toes for you. Let's hope your nightmare ends soon!

  5. zewt,

    The administrative nightmare here is quite common for a foreigner. One of my friend received her resident card 3 weeks before it expired, for a one year duration. One is still waiting for her card after 5 months and she can't leave the country or work. Even in USA, they messed up with my social security application so eventually I had two and confused everybody who needed my social security number.

    Tks colourmecrazy!