Friday, June 08, 2007

10 days without internet?

We are moving to another apartment soon and we try hard to get internet on the first day we move in. And that might not happen, bcos the owner of that apartment is keeping their phone number.

So, in order to get internet connection with Free (the internet provider we are using), we have to first get a proof of domicile like electricity bill, then only we can ask for a phoneline from France Telecom, then the internet connection.

That means we can only do it AFTER we move in. Last time when we moved in to this apartment, it took us ten days to get the connection, and we were considered lucky, bcos it took my friend one month to get it with a lot of complication.

I'm so unhappy with Free. I used to be their supporter. Recently we are having a lot of cut off from the internet. From time to time we got cut off like 5 minutes then it's back then it's cut off.

Anyone knows of other provider who has better transfer policy (from one apartment to another) and faster installation? Plus free Chinese channels and low rate to call Malaysia.

I think it will be a disaster to not have internet connection for 10 days, minimum.


  1. BE, I shall miss you for 10days.

  2. I wish I could help you but I am not familiar with France's services.
    When I moved from one place to another in Germany, Deutsche Telekom said it would take about 10 days but I got my connection within a week.

  3. That's weird. When we moved back in 2005, we managed to get the France Telecom line connected without the proof of domicile so it made it quicker with Free - think it only took about 4-5 days and we were so surprised as we were expecting the new connection to take weeks. Things might have changed now though.Good luck

  4. Thanks colourmecrazy, I need that good luck. Let see how it goes.