Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Chinese soup = instant noodles

Once during our conversation class, a guy mentioned that he eats a lot of Chinese soup. I'm usually very sensitive towards everything Chinese, so I asked him what is his version of Chinese soup, was it those egg drop soup or wanton soup like in those Chinese restaurants in USA?

He described thoroughly and I realised he was talking about INSTANT NOODLES.

Being in an interracial marriage, there are always things I crave for but hubby doesn't appreciate as much. In my case, it's noodles, chinese porridge and DURIAN. So, I eat those when he's not at home. Since getting fresh noodles is difficult here, I settle with the Malaysian instant noodles.

These days they have to much varieties to choose from. When I bought these my last trip home, my French friends thought I was crazy. :-)

It seems that now these Chinese soups start to have market among the young French students. I'm not sure how healthy they are, but at least they taste better than those frozen foods I had in USA.


  1. u MUST make your husband eat durian.. that will be the best introduction to malaysia!

  2. Ah! I love to have a supply of those instant noodles. I usually forget to buy them when I am in Malaysia. Then when I get here, I have to settle with whatever I can find from the store.

    Has your husband tried durians yet? I thought it was funny of Zewt to say "you MUST make your husband eat durian".

    Zewt, I tried it. Only once. No more again but at least he knows what it tastes like. He was brave enough to get past the smell. hehe

  3. Anonymous6:59 PM

    I did the same thing too. I bought one whole box of Maggi Mee curry flavor from Malaysia to Japan.

  4. Hehe - my hubby doesn't like chinese porridge and durian either!! The next time you go to Paris, go to Tang Frères - they have a pretty good selection of instant noodles!! I always get the tom yam flavour!

  5. zewt and j.t

    My husband did try durian during his first visit to Malaysia, 3 times and he concluded that he hates it.

    The second visit, which was in this year, he started to not dislike it and moving towards liking phase. But, still there is a long way to go until he reaches the "love & appreciate" phase. So now I can only eat durian myself, or tell myself those French cheeses are durians (since they stink!).

  6. Kuan Hoong,

    I thought the Japanese themselves have whole bunch of ramens to choose from? Or you still prefer the Malaysian favour?


    Hehe I think most of the French don't appreciate durian and porridge. I made my in-laws tried and after trying they just shake their head. One more thing, they absolutely dislike TOFU!!

  7. I know I should go through your entire blog to search for best food in France by myself, I'll probably do that later at the office. But could you tell me? What's a girl with a few hours in Paris gotta have to eat before she jets back to Malaysia?

  8. Hehe - I loooveee tofu! And as I'm the one who cooks, I cook a lot of tofu...even though the hubby isn't really that keen on it! But I think it's slowly growing on him. He now doesn't mind the firm tofu but can't stand the soft, silken tofu.

  9. Anonymous11:05 AM

    There are plenty of instant noodles in Japan, but not many choices for Curry flavor. Sometimes, I just wish to eat something spicy. Hey, I even brought 2 packets of "sambal" from Malaysia.

  10. ok guys,

    My husband protested that he actually LOVE durian.


    I'm sorry I have never lived in Paris before. When I was there for a visit, my husband brought me to eat some dessert and kebab. If you can't other thing, try their kebab, it's meats inside their long bread (baguette) with some French fries. I have never seen this in other country.


    Can you please give Cirnelle some advise as where to eat in Paris?

  11. Hi again, not a problem - I'll hop over to her blog!