Monday, June 11, 2007

Our wedding invitation card

It took us quite some times to come out with this card design. I found it quite interesting that some of the French really put efforts in designing their own wedding invitation card, unlike in my Chinese wedding in Malaysia, we just use those standard red envelope style.

Here is the first page (Fabien was trying to use the black colour Chinese character, those of you who are familiar with Chinese culture, can you imagine the shock it would caused when my family receive a card with black double hapiness??)

Take out the transparent part you will see us looking at each other

The content inside. The triangle part is extra information for those who are invited to the wedding dinner. Some people only got invited to the cocktail party.


  1. Anonymous8:32 AM

    Wow - that looks lovely! It's so creative! I really like the photos on the card!

  2. me and jules are also designing out own cards... it's actually in production already... by ourselves... trying to be out or of the norm too. but this design is truly... inredible... how to fold?

  3. colourmecrazy,

    I love the photos too. They were taken in Malaysia.

    Do share with us your design. The folding was not that complicated, just the shape of 2 triangles reverse on a square background. The transparent part was added to the card.

  4. I too designed my wedding invitations apart from the church booklets, wedding gown and flower-deco for the wedding car.
    I went crazy but enjoyed every minute of it. :)

  5. Oh yeah, forgot to tell you while I was getting all excited about my wedding story...

    I like your card. That is unusual and I am not surprised your folks back home were shocked.

    It was the same for my cousin. Being Eurasian and marrying a German, we thought she would have come up with something very western. Guess what? Her card looked like a standard wedding invitation from Malaysia and she went totally opposite the 'white invitation'. She sent out red cards. Certainly blew us away. Unique girl. :)

  6. Nice design you have over there. I can see so much effort has been put in for the designing. :)

    I too do lots of wedding card designs over here in Penang. Is that the reason I'm still not married? LOL

    Anyway, have a nice wedding day :)

  7. Tks criz lai. My hubby did most of the work. I would have used a standard one hehe.

  8. will share when it's finalised. still trying to determine the printing inside.

  9. Bee, may I say something to Criz Lai?


    I think it is very interesting work you do - designing wedding cards. You must have done lots and lots of styles. I would love to see the samples you have done. Do you have a website?
    And why aren't you married? I say .. "not your time". It will happen, one day. :)
    Did you see the movie "Hitch"? Let's just say you are "Hitch" of the wedding card world. You will get caught when you least expect it. :)

  10. j.t,

    In my case, the more I'm far away from Malaysia, the more I want to be a Malaysian. So, in my wedding in Malaysia, I tried to do everything Malaysian, as I know I won't have the opportunity to do it this way in France. What I mean is that in Malaysia people are trying to westernise themselves, and when I'm in the western countries I try to be as Malaysian as I can.

  11. BE, Yr card is very unique, nice.

    JT, me too, I did not used any thing white in my wedding except my wedding dress, my invitation card is in pink (with Chinese character on 1 side and English in the other).

    During my wedding reception in the US, I changed from my white wedding gown to red Chinese chom sang to Malay baju kurong :).

    Many of our friends told me our wedding was one of the most interesting wedding they have ever attended :)-

  12. Hi Bee,
    What a coincidence my hubby's name is same as yours but we're not living in France even though we travelled frequently to visit friends and mostly spend our time in Paris.