Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Our telephone got spammed!

It happened so many times, that I was sitting at home, and the phone rang.

I got it, and it just have the faxing sound. And it repeated and repeated and it really piss me off.

But what can I do, I can't even tell the guy to get off.

Since I stay at home at lot it becomes very painful.

These days with Freebox suscription, we are able to see the number who were calling, and traced it on internet. It was a fax number, so we got the phone and called the company. The receptionist said she's going to inform the people who use the fax machine. It worked and it stopped.

Today, again I had 6 emails in my mailbox telling me that I had 6 phone messages. And it all had the annoying faxing sound.

How do you stop this kind of scam? I think our phone number used to be a fax number.

In US, we got call also all the times, looking for a girl called Rebecca. Apparently they reuse the number that was already cut off.


  1. Anonymous5:22 PM

    Hey, I had same annoying problem, now know I'm not alone. I though what the heck this fax dialing tone whenever you pick up and strangely it has the pattern of phone call made, every noon time!

  2. Hah so I'm not the only one that got this problem. It's so annoying. It's will be so horrible to have to call each of the callers that please stop faxing us!

  3. Hmmm. I don't that happen to me but I got sales person call me a lot.

  4. Anonymous10:56 AM

    Hmm, is it still the same company faxing to your phone? Try calling the fax number 100 times a day - that way, they'll think that a fax is coming through but nothing actually will come through! hehe!

  5. This time is from a different number. If they fax again I will call them.


    I got "do not call list" when I was in US. Had to pay like $5 a month.

  6. Telephone numbers do get recycle, especially those geographical codes (well, there can be only that many numbers with Nantes codes). This is usually done after a quarantine of 6 months to a year.

    In UK, there is a central database called Telephone preference service (TPS) to filter legitimate callers out. I suppose French, a EU member would have something similar ?

    In theory of course it will be possible to filter out fax calls (i.e. set the equipment to only allow voice on a certain number) but doubt freebox will do that for you though...

  7. casper, I'm not sure whether it exists the same thing in France.

    Yes you are right, I don't think Free will do the filter for us.