Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Hillary Clinton

More on powerful women.

Even since I saw her debating in the Washington Supreme Court in 2001, I fell in love with this lady. She definitely has charisma and charm, a very strong candidate for the 2008 US presidental election.

She revealed recently that during the marriage crisis with Bill Clinton after the husband cheated on her, she has relied on the religion to help her pass through the tough period. Before moved in to the white house she was not a firm believer, but after moving in she is.

After all the damages the current president has done, the USA needs a president who can charm the wold. That's just my humble opinion.


  1. Anonymous6:10 AM

    I think we need more than a president that has the ability to "charm". Right now we have a blooming idiot in the White House. We need someone that truly understands the US constitution and someone that doesn't try at every turn to erode the values set forth by the founders.

    I'm tired of the US just settling for someone that's "charming". It's ridiculous. Our standards are at a complete all-time low.

  2. Thanks for giving your point of view. As a foreigner, I can only tell you that the president of USA represents USA wherever he is. The foreigners might not know about the politic in USA, but the president gives them the first image. If this president couldn't impress them, then they will have negative impression about USA. I know this is stupid as the president is only a person out of so many Americans, but there are many people who don't like George Bush then indirectly they don't like USA.