Monday, June 04, 2007

A dishwasher

Both me a hubby don't like to wash dishes. Since I'm not working, most of the time it's me who handles this lousy task.

I told my hubby that once I get a job, I want to have a dishwasher.

Our apartment in US was equipped with a dishwasher, but I had never used it bcos:
1. In Malaysia we don't have dishwasher so it was not a habit to use it
2. We ate out a lot so not as much dishes to do

Now in France, the situation is very different. Since eating out is expensive, we have dishes to wash EVERDAY. Sometimes it annoys me to a level that I want to break them all.

I like to invite people over for a meal, but it's always a mess in the kitchen after. Here, we change plates for dessert, then different alcohol have different glasses to match with. It was always a huge chunch of dishes to handle after a dinner gathering.

Hubby disagrees with this purchase, bcos he comes from a family not having/disagree with dishwasher, and he said that it will destroy the plates. I don't know how true it is as every household in US seem to have it, and since they love Made in China products which are considered low quality, how can they afford to break all these plates and not complaint about it?

So what do you think? Is dishwasher really destroy plates?


  1. it's actually quite good... but u will have to fill it up before you can turn it on... else waste water. so if you're living only with your hubby... then u can only use it after maybe a few days?

  2. I love our dishwasher, and wash everything in it, even wine glasses. The only think I wouldn't wash would be hand-painted dishes, or really delicate items, but everything else is fine.

    I had a dishwasher my entire life until moving to France, and then we went three years without one and it was terrible! We've had ours for the past year now, and I'll never go without one again. It's so nice when you have people over for dinner. Like you said, there's so many dishes, and it's great that you can just stick them straight in the dishwasher, and you're not stuck with a massive pile of dishes waiting for you in the morning!!

  3. Oh, I don't put pots and pans in there either.

  4. Anonymous5:46 PM

    We had it here, and it's really useful only when you had lot plates to wash.But first, you gota soak the dirty plates in the water and rinse off all sticky dirt before place it inside the washer. Quite a work actually.I don't think so it gona damage the plates.

  5. zewt,
    I have seen couple filling up the dishwasher then only turn it on.

    Can try to rince it immediately after usage and put it inside the dishwasher, no?

  6. Anonymous10:07 PM

    Oh yea, you can do it, tips to save water, soak the pile of dirty plates and rinsed using d same water. Hehe

  7. means u will only be able to turn it on after a few days right?

  8. Yes zewt,

    I have seen my friends in US store the dirty dishes in the dish washer for several days before doing one round wash. For single person or couple is like that lah.

  9. Err...I have only one dishwasher at of its kind too. Have you heard of the brand called "CRIZ". It's real handy to have that at home :P

  10. Hi criz lai,

    So in Malaysia people start buying dish washer? I have never seen anybody in my town own one. Especially these days everybody seems to have a maid.

  11. Anonymous10:10 PM

    I have one but don't use it much cos' I don't like to wait till I collect a loadful before I start a wash. But when I do use it, I find it very useful. When I have a party and use my better dinner sets (Royal Doulton and Lenox) I hand wash them as I was told the heat from the drying can melt the gold/platinum rim. These are expensive to replace but I love using them esp'ly if I'm serving a roast. However for informal lunch parties, I often use paper plates but they have to be quality stuff. Not for showing off but I loate some hostess that supply the cheapest paper products that can't hold the lightest food without doubling over and the food is on the floor. Or cheap plastic cutlery that you struggle to pick up food..
    Yah, in M'sia...the maid is the dishwasher in many household.

  12. IC. Thanks for the tips for what shouldn't be washed with a dishwasher. We got a set of square plates that are quite fragile. Anyway will have to wait until we get one else just have to hand wash them.

  13. Dish washer, washer/dryer is a must for me. I think my life would be miserable without them.

    There are only 3 of us but we still love to use our dish washer.

    My husband load it, he used paper towels to wipe all dirty stuff from the dishes, rinse the dishes with dish liquid /water and put them in the dishwasher. We normally leave the dishes until it is full. We normally used it twice or 3 times a wk., depend on the amt of dishes we have. I am the one who unload it. It is a very handy tool as far as I am concern.

    I need them most after dinner parties :)-