Friday, June 01, 2007

Earn money

I have heard of so many people talking about earning money through blogging. Some even said that they earn up to 5 digits income per month. I wasn't sure whether it's true or not. I feel that some people just say that to attract readers so they can generate more traffics.

Since I have a paypal account really, this time I'm trying it out myself using this bloggerwave. I will let you know if it's really true you get to earn money from it.



  1. BE, U will get your $20 soon if u put their logo on yr blog. I just got my $20.
    Also register for payperpost and earn $ through writing post.

  2. Hi Be,

    I was wondering about that myself.. Let me know if it works for you... and I will follow suit.. I will try it now, actually and let you know, as well.. ---Leesa

  3. Ok I got paid $10 this morning. So it does work.

    Hey Jamy,

    How do you include the logo and get paid? Why it was not mentioned in their website?

  4. Hi Bee, thanks for visiting and re-earning via Paid posting you can earn and its true some earns 4 figures incomes! kayatan is right in recommending PPP. Register with Blogvertise, Creamadi and Blogitive, Smorty. So having several income sources!Cheerss!