Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Where is Bee Ean?

You happen to wonder why Bee Ean is so silent those days?

Well, since we couldn't order our internet connection before we first moved in, we now have to wait about 10 days in order to get it back, this is extremely painful for Bee Ean (and me too) ... so addicted to the web!

It seems that "free", our inernet provider, is making up good progress in setting up our access so, unless something goes terribly wrong, Bee Ean should be back online next week with plenty of things to talk about.

Fabien (often referred here as "hubby")


  1. That explains why you have been so quiet! I thought you were busy moving in and unpacking boxes ;-) Hope you get your internet connection soon!

  2. colourmecrazy,

    Thanks! I finally found a place to check all my emails, so much junks to clear, amazing. Will talk next time when I get connection at home. Bye.

  3. Thanks, Fabien, for the update. I wondered where did Bee Ean go.

    Bee Ean, it is great you finally found a place where you can tackle your emails. It does accumulate when we don't "house clean" regularly. :)

    Looking forward to your postings again.

  4. Hi BE, I thought u must be moving , packing and unpacking. Hope u get back yr internet again and miss you.

  5. No wonder I missed you so much...haha. I like the way Fabian end this post...(often referred here as "hubby"). I had a good laugh. What a nice couple you two are :)

  6. I checked your blog twice a day over the week here in Zurich. Welcome back.

  7. BE,
    When u are back and settled. This is the URL I tagged you :).

  8. hi. nice to meet you. you left a comment at my blog sometime ago. Sorry I didn't have a chance to reply to you. I was kinda busy with school at that time. You are currently living in France?

  9. Anonymous5:30 PM

    Yup, we will be waiting for you when you ready to blog again.

  10. Hello Bee and Fabien, salut! Just surfed onto your site via Jacqui's site. Your French site is impressive, or did Fabien have a hand in it! We love France, being only a short hob across the channel, its our source for food, ski and shopping! Cheers..Steven

  11. Everybody thanks for your support. Seeing so much comments make me miss all your blogs plus the fun of blogging.

    Yes it's good to finally have a home.

    Yes you are right I was unpacking, but the fact that there is no internet at home kind of give me lots of pain. I will look into your blog for the meme later.

    criz lai,
    Fabien is indeed a funny person.

    I hope you have a nice stay in Zurich, hope you already tried out all those delicious food you mentioned in your blog.

    Yes I love your blog, you have so much beautiful photos of Japan. I'm so envy!

    When you see me appear in your blog, you will know I'm back hehe.

    Hey thanks for visiting. I browsed through quicky your site, lots of nice photos, I will spend more time there when I have internet access at home.