Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Blocking ear

My ear is blocked again. It happens once every 2-3 years.

I quickly did a research on the internet and this is what I found onBBC Health:

" Many people were brought up to believe that cleaning out the ears was a good thing, that it was hygienic. We now know that this does more harm than good. The ear has its own internal cleaning mechanism that can manage without our help."

"...The wax then falls out without us even noticing. The moment we try and clean the ear, this wax is not only pushed back in, but is compacted and is extremely difficult to shift. So, it gets stuck and the ears become blocked."

So I shouldn't have clean my ear with q-tip as that was what caused my ear being blocked. But when I went to the pharmacy, the unfriendly pharmacian told me to "get the habit to clean your ears regularly".

So should I clean my ears or not? What about you guys? Do you clean your ears regularly?


  1. it should be done... but not by yourself... get someone to do it for you. husband lor... who else?

  2. Anonymous5:48 PM

    Funny question.. I think you are not doing the right way. Instead of using a q-tip that pushes the wax back in, you should use something that will push it out.. like using a vacuum pump? :-D

  3. hi bee ean. thanks for dropping by the blog. I had previously put up wedding shots on my "photo" blog, but then the image hosting site kaput. LOL. Anyway, i'll be checking out your food blog!

  4. zewt,
    What happens for people who live alone?

    I got something from the pharmacy and I will let you know the French way of doing it.

    Thanks for dropping by.

  5. Hi Bee... my Mother-in-Law has this theory. She says that if one's ear wax is the dry type, they will not be prone to having smelly armpits. However, if their ear wax are the well... waxy type, then, they'll have smelly armpits.

    Is that true?

  6. Anonymous4:26 AM

    I clean my ears with a q-tip...if I don't, my ears become pretty gross. :0l And stuff begins to seep out (gross) and it can feel strange and really annoying. I've never had a problem with ear blockage, but I used to date a nurse, and he said a friend of mine came to him because her ear was blocked.

    He said he had to put some sort of liquid solution into her ear first, which loosened it up...then, he had to spray the inside of her ear with a strong water jetspray, aiming toward the eardrum...the very back of her ear.

    He said the object of this, is to flush out the stuff that's in the ear...she then had to catch the stuff with some sort of gauze and toss the gauze out.

    Sorry to gross you guys out. :0)