Monday, June 18, 2007

Update on French politic

These are hot topics in the French politic currently.

Yesterday the French had their second round of legislative election and the right wing (blue) managed to have the majority control in the parliment, eventhough they unexpectedly lost some seats to the party socialist (left wing - pink). And some ecologists were elected.

What is unique about French election is that eventhough people can vote until 8pm, by 8pm sharp all the TV channels reported the election result. They said it was an estimation but usually they are very accurate. Some websites even had the result around 6pm. Now how do they do that I have no idea.

Caricature is a very popular form of political expression, I found this one pretty cool.

President's son: Mom, we buy nothing for daddy for father's day?
France first lady: He already have everything: the police, the justice, the parlement... (implying the president has everything on hand to start the reforms he promised)

Now this is another hot topic but it's involving important French politicians personal life.
The guy wearing glasses is the president of the party socialist and the woman was the candidate in the April presidential election. She lost.

And what interests people is, they have been together for a long time, have 4 children but never married. And yesterday, during the legislative election, they announced that they have separated.

I think it's very tough for the guy. He is the president of French left wing so he was supposed to be the candidate for the presidential election. But instead the party nominated his girlfriend, they probably thought that the French will choose her bcos she's a woman and it's time for a woman to rule in France. They were wrong.

From the Malaysians eyes of view, these politicians must have a very mess up private life. The president was divorced once, then remarried with a women who has two children. So together they have 4 children before their fifth son joined the family.

And the Malaysia's Prime Minister was so secretive about his wedding. According to an article, he also prevented the reporters to report the fact that his new wife is an Eurosian who was raised as a Christian and later converted to Islam after her first marriage.

Malaysian politicians need to relax about their private lives.


  1. His wife happened to live upstairs of me before they got married. She's a very friendly lady who greeted everyone in the lift... very unassuming (surprised the hell out of me when I saw her picture on the day of the announcement). It shouldn't matter which religion hers is for this supposedly secular country. So, I think that's why the powers that be decided to keep matters such as these from reaching the flamable grass roots... you know our system is high on keep everything away from fire (especially with the way certain people tend to react to matters like these).

  2. I like the little cartoon - that's quite funny.

    As for the public life thing, I really feel for Mr. Holland & Mme Royal's kids. It's hard enough when your parents separate let alone have all the newspapers and everyone in the country talking about it!

  3. I think people should not worry about other people's private lives. Politicians (and others alike) should be measured by how they serve society.

    I believe the PM did what he did because some of our Malaysians become over-sensitive when someone marries a different race. He was probably protecting his love (and her daughters) from vile remarks. But people will say what they want to say (like me here.. hahaha). PM cannot totally control people's thoughts and words.

    Some Malaysians should not make such a big issue if a person's choice of partner is not of the same race or religion. Everyone should relax. :)

  4. i dont care if their private lives are screwed... we all have our skeletons anyway. wat's most important is how they rule the country and what they do from today onwards... how they treat the future. that's the important thing, dont u think?

    as for french... results out on the dot? that's dodgy!

  5. cirnelle,
    Exactly, it shouldn't matter what religion she is/was pursuing. The fact that he tried to prevent the media to talk about it kind of hinting that some people will make noise isn't it?

    I'm a little shock when the news came at the same time the election result is out. It was a bad timing for my opinion to leak the news on that moment. My reaction was ok they got separated then that's it. I didn't bother to check out who are their children.

    I agreed that everyone should relax. No matter who the PM married we should be happy for him. But PM himself was not relax and tried to cover up. The more you cover the more people speculate. It doesn't matter to me that she's from other races but the fact that it was instructed to not talk about it make some foreigns medias "talk about it louder".

    I like the way in France, we talk about the private life of those politicians (only during election time lah) and laugh about it for one day and just forget about it. But the case in Malaysia was that the PM tried to hide it then more people talked about it.