Friday, June 01, 2007

My favorite food

In response to Jamy's tag in her seay's kopitiam, I'm revealing that my favorite food, at this moment, is cha kuey tiao. Not any cha kuey tiao, but the one I got when I was in my form 6, on the way home, passed by a restaurant and order this specially from the cha kuey tiao uncle, and he looked at me and nooded, understood what I want. Yes, one cha kuey tiao with noodles and little chili plus an egg. Then I went home with my favorite Wesley novel in one hand, eating cha kuey tiao on the other hand. That taste, is simply unresistable.


  1. BE, I am so 'liaw nio' look at this pics. I had some procedures done today so I cannot eat. See u really torture me.
    Did colormecrazy knew that she is being tagged also to blog food ?
    If u see her on yr blog, remind her, ok :):)

  2. That is my favourite food too!!! I looovvvveee it and can't get enough! I have to make my own now - can't get char kuay teow here :-(

  3. colourmecrazy,

    You got tagged by Jamy too about your favorite food, now you can tell us about yours.