Thursday, June 14, 2007

He loves durian and I love cheese

Yesterday after reading my blog, my hubby protested and declared that he loves durian! Here's a photo when he was trying out the stinky fruit.

I have been in France for 2 years. Seeing how Fabien dares to try different kind of foods or fruits, I tried out some out of the 300++ different kind of cheeses, and I start to love them. Sometimes I just treat them like durian, for the stinky smells!

Having cheese with baguette, the famous French bread

Doesn't it look just like durian!!


  1. i tot you said he hates it?

    bee, maybe you should consider setting your comment box appearing as a pop up window.

  2. I said he didn't appreciate it. For me appreciating is like you are crazy about durian and you will crave for it. But him he never crave for durian and ask for it. Well anyway he said he likes it so I have to accept it. hehe

    I have changed the setting for comment so now it should show as pop up.

  3. I thought that was durian until I read cheese.

    I am not a fan of cheese ... well at least not smelly cheeses.
    I don't mind Brie, Camembert or Mozzarella.

  4. Awe man...! That cheese looks yummy! What kind is it?

  5. Anonymous8:35 AM

    I love cheese...but weirdly enough, my french hubby HATES cheese (and durian! and wine!)!
    And he always complains that I stink up the fridge when I buy cheese ;-)

    Hehe- nice photo of your hubby eating durian...but what we didn't see is the photo after - where he is spitting it out ;-)

  6. j.t.

    Do the German eat cheeses for every meal like the French?


    It's called reblochon in French. I usually eat cheeses that is creamy like durian.


    You shocked me that your husband is not eating cheese. I have never seen a French not eating cheese, they welcome all kind of smelly one.
    No he didn't spit it out. He started loving it so he actually ate it.

  7. Err.... care to spell it in Malay for my pronunciation?

  8. reblochon in French, ahh, maybe hoblosong in English?

  9. would it taste like to be eaten with croissants?

  10. B tak pernah makan durian lagi.. emm ni french canadian yang mengada ngada, bau belacan pun dah histeria dek bau hehehe kami selalu makan salad dgn feta cheese. hari ni me buat karipap... buat sendiri, makan sendiri maaa ;)
    wow fabien got a long hair uh.. my husband used to have a long hair too, nak sampai punggung, 10 tahun tak da potong, i hate that, so he' cut last year and we donated the hair to childrens cancer foundation, they make wig from the hair.

  11. I don't really like his long hair too, but he won't cut for me. Your hubby is so nice lah listen to you.

  12. well, i definitely crave for Durian, i loved it at first bite despite everyone's comments about its smell.