Friday, June 15, 2007

Ten things you may not want to know about me

I got tagged by colourmecrazy about this topic, I think it's a good chance to look back at myself so here goes the answers:

1. I love money - I'm very sensitive about everything money related but I'm not stingy. Having money in the bank account make me feel safe.

2. I learnt cooking very late - the first time I cooked a full meal was when I was 24. I dislike cooking at the beginning but since I have a very encouraging boyfriend now hubby he gets me to slowly enjoy it.

3. I have very bad sense of direction - when I tell you to go right you should go left.

4. I have lousy level of French - both speaking and writing, even after 2 years living in France.

5. I do not like alcohol - I forced myself to like it but failed. Now I drink wine just to go with the culture and to not disappoint my FIL but in fact I don't know how to appreciate it.

6. I don't like going to bar/pub/disco - I couldn't stand the loud musics, the smoking environment, and the drunk behavior

7. I do not like socialist system, eventhough I'm living in a country applying it.

8. I'm addicted to soup operas, mainly Chinese and Cantonese one. I can watch for hours, eventhough I missed the first 10 episods I still watch it.

9. I don't do much sport. I learnt how to swim but failed.

10. I'm addicted to puzzle eventhough I'm no longer a kid. I'm planning to spend 52 euros for a 6k pieces of puzzle. I would like to pay it myself, so please bear with me if you see more pay post appearing. hehe. Right now I have accumulated $50 from bloggerwave but need to save more for my next puzzle supply. :-)


  1. Anonymous6:18 PM

    I wanted learn swimming too, but failed.

    By the way, I can see your AdSense ads at the bottom of every post. No problem there. Maybe you installed some sort of ads blocker or you have disabled java scripts for your browser.

  2. Interesting...

    Do you know whenever I am back in Malaysia, I get hooked on the evening Chinese soap operas?
    I have a little TV in my bedroom back in Klang.

    When my mom was alive, I used to sit in her room and watch Hindi movies on a Saturday afternoon. She always asked "why? got nothing else on TV ah?" hehe

  3. For me, it was during the 30 day confinement and since I had nothing to do then, got myself hooked to some Taiwanese Hokkien series.

  4. Hehe - I'm like you with money. I like to have some in the bank. It makes me feel secure!
    I would like to do puzzles as well but I have no patience!! hehe!

  5. Anonymous8:15 AM

    I'm not a fan of alcohol either!...nice to see someone else that feels the same. :0) I force myself to drink wine when in France, because I want to take part in the culture, but generally, I do not like alcohol.

    And I'm totally with you on 1 through 6! :0)

  6. kuanhoong,
    Thanks. Ok I will try to unable those ads blocker to see how the ads turn out in the blog.

    I find it nice that the Malaysians like to watch movies in other languages. My family watch Hindi movies sometimes, thanks to the subtitle! My Malay friend once told me that she is crazy about the Cantonese soups and following them everyday sharp at 6pm.

    Ah yeah I love the Taiwanese Hokkien soup too. When I was little I watched with my mother, now in France I have an Hokkien channel from Xiamen, playing Taiwanese soups.

    Yes, doing puzzle need a lot of patience especially those with plain colour like sky and grass. I can't wait for my next project.

    mlle smith,
    People told me I have to try for one two years but I still can't. I like the feeling during winter when it's cool and my body feels warm after the wine, but definitely not the taste though. I found that a lot of young French don't like wine either.