Sunday, June 10, 2007

Mistery shopping mission

I found a mistery shopping task for hubby since they asked for a man for the visit. Before going to the shop, we were asked to review a set of questions that need to be answered after the visit is completed.

The shop that we needed to do the survey is one kind of role playing gameshop. Eventually we got this.

The task paid for the games we bought plus pay us 35 euros for the visit. I think this is not bad at all!! Not only we can discover new games and buy it for free, we get paid!!


  1. How fun! I did tons of mystery shops in the US, and really enjoyed it, though I did mostly places like restaurants, movie theaters, bridal stores, etc.

  2. Yes it was fun. I like to do shopping then get paid at the same time. I saw some opportunites of visiting some ice cream shops but there are all in Paris or South of France. How nice to be able to do it for restaurant.