Sunday, June 03, 2007

Manual Vs automatic car

I started out driving a manual car, but since then everybody in my family has switched to automatic car. It's so popular now in Malaysia. Sometimes people buy manual car bcos auto is more expensive.

When I was in USA, I drove auto bcos I was afraid it would be too complicated to drive a manual on the right hand side. Plus, auto is so common there.

Here in France, gosh, so different. When I told the French I prefer auto, they told me it's for HANDICAPE or old people. Gosh, so those who drive auto in Malaysia must be all handicapped!!

Sincerely, in Nantes there's so many roundabout, won't it be easier to drive an auto then switching the gear all the times from 4 to 3 to 2 then eccelerate to 3 and 4 then 3 to 2 for the next roundabout. In certain roads there's so many roundabout that I sometimes feel too lazy to change gear. :-(

I'm so getting an auto if I ever get my own car.


  1. BE, after driving auto for so many yrs, I hardly can drive manual now.
    Give yrself sometimes and practice, I think u should be ok.

  2. Yeah, we have two automatic cars here in France...I know it's lazy, but you're right, it's just so much easier that way!!

  3. Jamy,

    I can still drive on manual in Malaysia. But in France since there's so many roundabout I feel that it's not practical to have to change gears all the times. I just don't know why auto cars don't get as popular in France compared to in USA or Malaysia.

  4. We've always had manual cars (yep - cheaper!) but in Paris - I avoid driving. My brain can't deal with the Parisian drivers, the right hand side driving AND changing gears at the same time!